The Art of Joe Fitzgerald


The Swole Ninja

This is a T-Shirt design for the Swole Ninja. A competitor on the show, "American Ninja Warrior".

The spec was simply, "Give me an illustration of a big muscle bound guy, wearing a ninja mask, with the words Swole Ninja underneath."

I delivered one color, limited color and full color versions. You see the full color here.

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Comic Art


This is a pen and ink drawing I did of the character, Warblade; a character from DC Comics/Wildstorm.

This drawing was done on Strathmore, smooth surface, bristol paper. The inks were done with a Hunts 103 Mapping Point pen, using speedball superblack inda ink.

I use the 103 because that's what Klaus Janson uses. He along with Frank Miller are by far my biggest influences.

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Hydra Comics Logo

Hydra Comics is an online comic book store. I based the logo design on the Marvel Comics' evil organization, Hydra. That logo is basically a skull with Octopus arms coming out of it.

I drew the Octopus in pencil then colored and created the rest in photoshop.

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