Yummy Lobster

With Grandma

Who Dat

Walk for Charity

Waiting for Jillian

Unsung Hero

Thug Life

The Fitzgeralds

Tailgating at Dolphins

Starmark Holidays

Starmark Crew

Spy Plank


Soggy Pants

Skipping School

Silly in Maine



Polar Express

Painting with a Twist

Number 28

Ninth Grade

My Teen

My Oldest

My Marley

Moxie Cove

Mommas Boy

Marley Kitten

Marley James

Maine Trip 2016

Maine State Bears

Maine 2003

Lucky 39

Long Day

Liam 8th Grade

Law School Grad

LL Bean

Klaus Janson

Kelly in Maine

Jim and Sean

Jillian First Photo

I Love Weddings

Hot Tub

Helping Dad

Happy Kid

Happiest Baby

Halloween 2005



Friend Lisa

Freezing Water

First Picture with Dad

First Picture

First Marlins Game

First Haircut

First 5k Run

Double Fisted

Cousin Sean

Cool Dude

College Mullet

Coach Dad


Captain Jillian

Botanical Gardens

Boston 2015

Blue Eyes

Birthday Boy

Beach Day

At Work

All Star

98 years old

10yr Reunion